East Bay Close, Cardiff

Thge proposals

The proposals

Aerial over the site

Our ambition

To create a truly sustainable and affordable development on a brownfield and highly accessible site. The development will assist in regenerating this area of the city, giving more people access to urban living in the centre of Cardiff.

Proposals overview:

  • Approximately 353 one and two-bedroom apartments to meet the growing demand for urban, high-quality homes in the city.
  • The proposed footprint and heights closely follow that of the consented student accommodation scheme, this includes 8 – 15 stories building heights, with the exception of proposed roof gardens. These are proposed to be designed to provide views through to green landscaping and help to retain the skyline.
  • Shared parking, cycle storage and amenity areas are also provided within the scheme. Cycle storage is proposed to be designed as a series of safe, lockable units, sheltered by the Roadway above.
  • Amenity areas have been generously included throughout the site and for differing uses including; gardens, play areas and communal lounges. The amenity spaces are broken up across the site and across a number of different levels, to make use of the large site, and at upper levels, to make use of city views.
  • The entrances are proposed to be generously sized double-height spaces creating a welcoming feel to each block. There are opportunities to link double-height spaces in the scheme with a mezzanine floor, providing an additional communal area for uses such as workspaces, lounges or a gym.
  • Pedestrian priority crossings will be utilised, along with speed tables, to ensure safe access to the parking areas.
  • Excellent sustainability and energy performance through modern methods of construction.

Proposed masterplan

Proposed masterplan
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South East Facing Elevation

South East Facing Elevation
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South West Facing Elevation

South West Facing Elevation
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Sustainable approach

We are committed to creating a sustainable development at East Bay Close.

The scheme has been designed to accommodate modular construction techniques. One of the benefits of modular construction is its sustainable approach to construction, which seeks to minimise waste and allows for integrated designs that focus on conserving energy by using highly effective insulation.

The proposals will include features that consider the health and well-being of our residents through the design of the internal and external amenity spaces. Roof gardens and landscaping will provide attractive, outdoor space for residents to enjoy.

To support sustainable forms of transport, and the move away from reliance on car ownership, the scheme provides improved pedestrian links, cycle storage, EV charging points and car club spaces.

We have experience working with One Planet Living, a company that advised the United Nations on their Sustainability Development Goals and designed the London 2012 Olympics Sustainability Strategy.

As a provider of homes, we aim to lead in sustainability and ESG and to help build the sustainable communities of the future. There are four key aspects of our business that inform the Environmental and Social Governance (ESG) Strategy:

  • Sustainable Construction
  • Sustainable Homes
  • Promoting Sustainable Lifestyles
  • Sustainable Business Operation
For more information, please download the APIO ESG policy.
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